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A podcast about black magick, terrorism, and the love for coffee. Support this podcast:


How I used Black Magick to stop the Democrats from destroying America. While dealing with domestic terrorists within our own border. --- Support this ...
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The downfall of 4 nations in the most insidious way possible --- Support this podcast:
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The Land of the Rising Sun

To be a successful missionary I had to play on the people's wants and needs. Sadly, xenophobia and racism made this impossible with the Japanese. To t...
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Baptism in Blood and Ashes

Despite the gruesome sacrifice, my desire to get shit done got the best of me. Thus I became the world's one man clean up crew. --- Support this podca...
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Santa Muerte

How the laws if attraction brought me to a Saint of Death. --- Support this podcast:
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Humble Beginnings

An introduction to my childhood and young adulthood. --- Support this podcast:
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Opening Introduction

This is a weekly podcast of a Warlock who got way over his head. Filled with Black magick,betrayal, and a whole set of trouble that can't be made up. ...
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