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Bootstrapped Web is for entrepreneurs bootstrapping their startups, who believe that the best way to get to where we're going is to learn by doing. Conversations, case studies, and interviews with entrepreneurs who are building profitable businesses online. Let's do this.

Go to Market vs. Marketing

What is the difference between going to market and marketing? What mindset do you need to be in to accomplish your goals for both of these stages of b...
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Should We Rename the Podcast?

Bootstrapped Web is no longer bootstrapped, on either side! Jordan starts off this episode with his “coming out” strategy, which all starts with his i...
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Audience Ops Changes Hands

Some news!  Brian has sold his business, Audience Ops, to JD Graffam!  And what better way to announce this transition than to bring JD on the show!  ...
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Marketing ideas

Introduction: Do you work with a full-service accounting and admin company? How do you create markers on your business’s path to success? What unique ...
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Back and Running

After a month hiatus, Brian and Jordan are back with stories about trips, waking up in pain, and prepping for competition. They also talk about growth...
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Metrics & Hiring Funnels

Brian and Jordan are back to back-to-back weeks before vacation and travel plans kick in because… It’s summertime! While Jordan deals with a minor lac...
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Hiring Media Creators

Brian and Jordan are back with updates about diving headfirst into team sports with an “old man lacrosse leagues,” to celebrating 10-year wedding anni...
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Raising The Bar

Brian and Jordan are back with no excuses and plenty of updates for both Rally and ZipMessage. Today’s topics are all about roadmaps, leading tech tea...
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Rally On

It’s a big day here at Bootstrapped Web now that Jordan can talk more openly about his newest endeavor: Rally. Brian and Jordan talk about what Rally ...
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Bugs vs. Customers

Brian and Jordan are back behind the mic for the second week in a row. Today they’re focusing on bugs over customers, or should it be the other way ar...
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