Breaking a Leg


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A podcast about the making of Oliver Double's forthcoming stand-up comedy show Break a Leg

Episode 21 Conference Paper

Two months after the show, here's a follow-up episode, in which you can hear a recording of a conference paper I gave at the University of Kent on 14 ...
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Episode 20 Second Half

An audio recording of the second half of my show, performed at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury on 6th December 2015. For the first half, see the previous e...
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Episode 19 First Half

An audio recording of the first half of my show, performed at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury on 6th December 2015. The second half will follow in the next...
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Episode 18 After the Show

So, the show happened. This episode was recorded immediately before the show started, at the interval and two days afterwards. So now you can find out...
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Episode 17 Last Leg

The final episode before I perform the show itself, this features various bits of audio from the few days building up to the final event. There's a ti...
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Episode 16 Poster

Here I talk about the poster for the show. In the process, I touch on such issues as visual design, digital vs. analogue, hand-drawn lettering vs. chu...
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Episode 15 Half Century Man

Here I talk about - and play - the song that will close the show. It's a serious song rather than a comedy number, and as such it's pretty much the on...
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Episode 14 That Difficult Phase

Here I talk about the emotional effects of struggling to put together a new full-length stand-up show. And I refer to a bit of academic research publi...
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Episode 13: Theme Tune

I've recorded a theme tune for my upcoming stand-up show BREAK A LEG (at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury on 6th December). In this episode, I explain why I...
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Episode 12: Rehearsing

I finally get down to it and spend an entire day rehearsing the show. But what are the pros and cons of rehearsing stand-up comedy? Have a listen, and...
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