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A stream of consciousness concerning Art / Life / The Nature of Being, with deeper diversions into abstractions of existence.

The Mumble 018: KD-Draymond III

KD - Draymond III The narrative of legacy that creates the circular reason for great players and teams to make free agency and trade decisions. How wo...
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The Mumble 017: KD-Draymond II

KD - Draymond II Playing games. Games as a microcosm for life. Parameters econonic and otherwise. Physical advantages in games, and economic impacts o...
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The Mumble 016: KD - Draymond

KD - Draymond Where I start by discussing NBA basketball. Where I finish by discussing NBA basketball. Professional sports as a microcosm for life. Fi...
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The Mumble 010: Regarding Art

Thoughts concerning art, including my own. Acknowledgement of the suspension of Pretzel and Cashew number, the introduction of whimsy, and a pivot to ...
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