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Here at Brilliant Pleazure, we love to talk SEX. But with wisdom and Intellect. No subject is Taboo over here. If there was anything you would learn to learn and experience, you’ve come to the right place. A place where we explore the sexual self. It is also "A Place for Friends", Fun, Education, Books, Relationships, Jokes, an Life. I think you get it .. hope you enjoy your stay here. Get comfortable.. -Nicole Support this podcast:

No Conventions

What conventions have you signed up for in your life?? Would you like to live a more Non-Conventional sex life? What would you willing to let go of in...
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PLEAZURE SEEKERS !! BOL for @lotus_ropewolf and myself in the second episode of the BDSM Series on Brilliant Pleazure Podcast Sunday night 8 Pm! --- S...
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Tantric Healing w D. Naughty Monk

Had the pleasure to speak with Eddie Watson aka D. Naughty Monk about the sacred art of Tabtric Healing and it's Benefits!!! If youd like to contact h...
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Dick Pics/Pussy Pics/Revenge Porn

How do you feel when you receive pussy or a dick pic? How do you feel when you send them off? Are you scared? Do you feel sexy or powerful! Thats what...
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