Brothers Chat Across The Miles

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One brother is in Ventura County, the other in Orange County. Only 100 miles separates these two in California and yet it takes about three hours and multiple freeways to meet up. Every week Brad and Mike Miles will make you feel good about yourself as they humorously navigate themes that we all, at one time or another, have encountered. The door is wide open as any subject matter is possible but be prepared for these two guys to stray off topic, early and often.

Brothers Chat Would You Rather?

Brad and Mike debate a series of "Would You Rather" do this or that scenarios. Some are a bit odd, but all are entertaining. The hope is to create dis...
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Brothers Chat Wine

It's hard to believe that two beer-luvin' guys are into wine drinking, but it is true. Brad and Mike offer their savvy guidance for those ne...
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Brothers Chat Favorite Male Actors

Podcast #30, woot, woot!! Its Brothers Chat "Favorites" time again! Brad and Mike run through a few great actors while providing some entertaining lit...
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Brothers Chat Fast Food

Who Doesn't like a greasy burger and fries on occasion? Mike and Brad delve deep into the world of fast food. Some fun facts, their favs, and the...
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Brothers Chat Rock Band Names

Did you ever wonder how and why some bands chose their names? Allow Brad and Mike to educate you. Using their usual brand of amusing chat, the brother...
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Brothers Chat Phones

There was a time when you couldn't carry around your phone; it wasn't a computer, you didn't talk to it, and a person could go away on ...
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Brothers Chat Covid-19

You knew it was only a matter of time before Brad and Mike get behind a mic and add there two cents about the pandemic. Sit yourself back and enjoy th...
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