Brown Pundits

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A discussion about all things brown, aka desi or South Asian.

Karnataka hijab issue

In this podcast, Omar Mukunda Shahada and Gaurav discuss the Karnataka hijab controversy and also touch upon other issues related to it.   https://the...
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Episode 4 - The Vedic Age

The History Podcast reaches the Vedic age. Our speakers talk about its origins, its literature, its culture, and the legacy of the Vedic Age. Varna sy...
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Episode 3 - All about IVC

Episode 3 of The History of the Indian Sub-continent series takes us to the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). Our panel journeys from the banks of the ...
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Rahul Pandita on Kashmir

Omar and Gaurav chat with author and journalist Rahul Pandita about Kashmir, pogroms, Maoists, the Indian state, ethnic cleansing etc.
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