Calls from the Grave


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A sketch comedy group that accidentally turned into a LIVE PRANK CALL SHOW! Going strong since November on Facebook LIVE, we are finally here for your listening pleasure. Check out Facebook, Youtube & Twitch for our LIVE videos.

Ep.128-”Cryptid Callers”

Tonight we talk Furrys, Crytid Condoms, Peta, and a one night stand with Bigfoot!! Stick around til the end to hear a super bizarre call involving a s...
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Ep.127-"Greek Prankology"

Hey hey, people! Sorry for being so MIA in the podcast realm! For the first 40 minutes of tonight's show we had audio issues, so that's not in this cu...
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Ep.126-"Re-Re Incarnation"

What happens when we die? What happens when we're born? What the hell is happening right now?! Find the answers to these questions and more somewhere ...
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"Vape Gape"-Raw Call from Ep.125

Yep, you've got it right...another Vape Shop Prank Call. This past Wednesday RJ kept getting hung up on and it was time to reach into the Bone Bowl. I...
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Ep.125-"Manifest Destiny"

Tonight we celebrate the country's need to constantly start something new after times of disaster. We're going to start multiple new business's tonigh...
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Ep.124-"What's Your Sign"

Black holes are shifting the entire planet's energy and we're just trying to LIVE PRANK CALL EVERYONE!! Today Danielle and RJ will go call for call al...
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