Campfire Radio Theater


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A Modern Audio Drama Horror Anthology... Hear the Fear!

Last Resort

In the midst of a surreal dreamlike reality, a broken, flawed man relives the last drunken hours of his life in pursuit of an elusive perfect moment ...
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The Dreams of Wolves

During the Civil War, a small band of Union soldiers seek refuge for the night within the confines of a southern plantation home inhabited by three f...
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The Road Ends at the Sea

Haunted by lost love, a successful writer revisits college friends manning a remote lighthouse on the Canadian coast, only to find a mysterious harbi...
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A small town carnie with big ambitions is spooked and intrigued by the uncanny abilities of a mysterious old man living under the carnival fairground...
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The Bones of Saint Nicholas

Emotionally devastated in the wake of a bitter divorce, an exhausted single mother comes face to face with a sinister mall Santa intent on delivering...
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The Ghost of Lori Keegan

Haunted by a tragic incident from the past, Angela reminisces about a grade school friend and a series of ghostly visitations that have plagued her s...
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Amid an atmosphere of growing hysteria, a small town minister is determined to get to the bottom of a series of unspeakable crimes just as his young ...
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