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The Profession of Pharmacy is changing in Canada and the way we keep up is changing too - tune in for relevant and practical information that will enhance your practice and boost your confidence in the white coat.

Fungal infections & Swimmer's Ear

How can you differentiate between a fungal infection and a yeast infection? Is Corn Starch the answer or the enemy? Find out what to do about Swimmer'...
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Liver La Vida Loca

Such great content, created and recorded by Dylan Deyoung! Thank you Dylan for this information & for the great rotation - the future of pharmacy is b...
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Getting Real about Renal

Your software warns that high levels of potassium could result in fatal cardiac arrhythmia. What are you going to do?
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Plan A, B & C

Little bit of everything in this one - setting goals, emergency contraception and some interesting assessment questions!
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