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Captain&Morgan is a weekly podcast hosted by The Captain from True Crime Garage and his longtime friend, Morgan. Each week the guys dive into on true crime, current events, and life stories. Support this podcast:

Who Killed Christine Butcher?

It was July 1951 and one of the biggest title fights in boxing history was about to take place. The people of Windsor were excited to see one of the b...
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The Murder of Karen Bodine

On an early Monday morning in January 2007, the body of a woman is found nude and posed off of a country road nearly 30 miles from she was last seen t...
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The Murder of CJ Davis

On 4th September 2017, 14 year year old Corey Junior Davis was shot and killed in a gang-related drive-by shooting just outside of a playground in For...
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The Case of Stefan Sutherland

A night out with friends is something we all love. Carefree and with a spring In his step, Stefan Sutherland was doing just that. The 25 year old met ...
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The Death of Sarah Ruth Wallace

In the pre-dawn hours of July 6, 2007 a 9-1-1 call is made from Whitewater Township, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The caller would tell the opera...
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What Happened to Sarah Benford?

Imagine back to when you were 14. What were you doing?Listening to Music in your bedroom, trying new make up, or maybe playing football? In March 2000...
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The Murder of Elizabeth Barraza

In the early morning hours of January 25th 2019, 29-year old Elizabeth Barazza was getting setup for an impromptu yard sale at her home in Tomball, Te...
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Who Killed Jessie Earl?

Valerie and John Earl have a daughter called Jessie. In 1980 Jessie went missing. She was classified as a missing person until 9 years later when her ...
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The Murder of Kristin O'Connell

In 1985, a 20-year-old woman travelled from her home Minnesota to Upstate New York to visit a young man that she met while on Spring Break in Florida ...
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Who is Peter Bergmann?

Sligo is a small coastal seaport in County Sligo in North West Ireland. it’s known for its literary heritage and beautiful rugged countryside.Sligo Co...
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