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A show about life by two guys who like living.

Ep 14: Thank You Fred Savage

On this wacky episode of Cardigans we are joined by special guest Evan Howard. We discuss Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky, Food Experiences, and of ...
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Ep. 12: Throwback Thursday

We spoil Fight Club, Soylent Green, and the Lawnmower Man live from the Lamp Warehouse on January 15th, 2013. Howard also mansplains what a jpeg is.To...
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Ep. 11: Monopoly

Cardigans? Nice! Today we talk about Monopoly, the World, and Funko Pops.Today's music was Twin Size Mattress by The Front Bottoms~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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Ep. 10: The Sauce Strikes Back

Josh and Howard are back in a brand new episode of Cardigans! It has been awhile, but that's because this one's so darn good. In this episode, they re...
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Ep. 8: Giving Thanks

Special guest Google Home joins us for a Thanksgiving spectacular! We play some games, experiment with new technology, and manage to talk about Thanks...
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Ep. 7: The Sauce

We talk about McDonald's for half an hour. Today's musical interlude was I Hate Everything by Get Set Go ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fol...
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Ep. 6: The Color Blind One

It's us! Also another guy. Special Guest Victoria Chuah joins us for a conversation about the film industry and colorblindness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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