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The pacific northwest has proven to be a breeding ground for murder, crime, conspiracies, paranormal activity and all things weird. Laugh along with hosts Jenna and Sophie as they dive into all things cereal and serial, as they discuss the bizarre, the bad and the tragic that has happened right in their backyards. follow us! Instagram: @cerealconversationspodcast

The Final Episode Ever... For Now

Well guys, it's our final episode. Due to COVID19 we couldn't finish out this season to the extent we wanted, but were back just one last time giving ...
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Jerry Sucks!

This week we talk about a serial killer from, you guessed it, Salem Oregon. Enjoy!
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Humans Can Lick Too

In this episode Jenna and Sophie tell each other scary bedtime stories! Say well and wash your hands! Enjoy!
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The Holy Rollers?! Holy Moly!

This episode, Jenna and Sophie discuss a cult that was called the "Holy Rollers" and holy moly was their leader a nut case, or some know him as Jesus ...
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Stay in Therapy

This episode Jenna and Sophie discuss Kip Kinkel, one of the first covered school shooter. Enjoy!
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