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I share Spiritual tools for Stress Free Living for Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

?Let Your Vision Be Your Mission

So often we can envision the worst case scenario well there’s energy behind their ability and so consider Rihanna thing that same energy to envisionin...
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?Focus On The Light

A message from your Angels along with healing Sound Therapy..Enjoy --- Send in a voice message:
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OMG! Where have I Been!!

I'm back..and am elated because you guys left me voice messages with feedback on my episodes...Sooo sorry I didn't realize there was a voice message f...
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E44:19 Weeding Your Life Garden

In every garden Weeding is essential. This also applies to your Spiritual Life --- Send in a voice message:
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E43:19 Spiritual Life Garden Show

Have you started to prepare for 2020. I appreciate you taking the time to watch/listen to my show and would appreciate reading your comments. I invite...
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E38:19 The Debut "After Show"

Elation with a dose of Bliss..Listen in as I share with my client-friend the joy I experienced after listening to myself hosting my VERY FIRST EVER ra...
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