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Be the champion you where meant to be in all areas of your life! Join Danika and Kristy as they talk about women's issues in health, fitness, competitions, and life.

The 36 week STRETCH...MARKS

Today we talk about embracing the bumps that come with pregnancies. As people in the fitness field, where you are unfortunately judged by your body no...
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Baby Watch 2019

Ok PEOPLE- WE ARE ON BABY WATCH. Danika is starting to show signs of readiness for baby number two. Listen in on how she is feeling about pregnancy, s...
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Episode 140 Q & A

Today's episode is a mix of our life updates and some Questions from the listeners. If you have questions, connect us: @championchat360 championchat36...
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Miss Fix It Later

Today we talk about the goals, or lack there- for the rest of 2019 and 2020. Whether it's finishing a home improvement or the growth of a tiny human- ...
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Reversing and Rattles

Today's episode we talk about Kristy's experience at NPC Universe and the growth of Baby J. Two very different worlds centered all around the human bo...
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Prep Regrets

If you had a time machine... What would you change? Today we talk about your miss steps in past preps and how we would change them now. Contact us: @c...
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Riddle Me This!

Today's Show we answer all your question! -Prep -Self Love -Mom Life -Reverse dieting Are some of the topics we cover. Join us, and send your question...
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Kristy's Redemption

Today we talk about Kristy's redemption show, NPC Atlantic States. Last year she walked away from this show with the lowest placement in her show "car...
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IFBB Pro Roxanne Jacquelyn

Today we are joined by Roxanne Jacquelyn. Roxanne recently won her IFBB Pro card (2018) and This past month competed in her first IFBB show (NY Pro). ...
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