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There is a person that you currently are and there is a person that you long to be. The Chasing Better podcast is all about shortening that gap and helping you become the person you have always wanted to be. Join host Corey Baker and special guests for weekly inspiration delivered in a straight forward and humerus way.

Lets talk about money

Join Corey as he interviews Alaina Chisholm who is a certified financial planner. In this uncertain and volatile climate, it’s so important to make ne...
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learning and growing.

Join Corey as he interviews Corey Leak. Corey is a man who has been fighting for justice for African Americans for a long time.  Much has changed in o...
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Let's start again

Join Corey as he spends 40 minutes with close friends Alex and Angie Bryant who are the co authors of an amazing new book called "Let's start again." ...
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All i do is win

Join Corey as he has a brief discussion about what a win is and why it’s so vital that you create new wins consistently.
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The virus of uncertainty

There are so many things that are contagious today. Virus’s are contagious. Fear and despair are contagious. Hope is contagious. Light shines brightes...
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Betting on humanity

This is not our first time of uncertainty. It won’t be our last. I’m betting on the resolve of humanity to move forward in this time of uncertainty. T...
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Prone to hysteria

Our world is obsessed and probably for good reason with the coronavirus. This speaks to a large issue with humanity in that we tend to be addicted to ...
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Lets talk about sex

Join Corey and Julie as they interview Sex Expert Kristen Mark.  This truly was a fascinating interview that will challenge you in the area of sex and...
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