Cheat Day


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Two life-long friends, Alex and Gabe, take a real, raw, unflinchingly honest journey through food, fitness, and the struggles they've had with each as they try to finally get fit. And they sometimes have interesting guests!

The Donut Tower

Sometimes it's important to keep an appropriate level of discomfort... Just keep your eyes on the prize and climb that beautiful donut tower.
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201: The Cheatdemic

Guess who's fat... fat again... GB and Alex return from the land of quarantine one year older, one wiser, and one year fatter. Here we go again...
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Emotional Eating Part 2

In the second half of the emotional eating episode, Alex shares some fears and roadblocks around his impending fatherhood and GB gets nasty in the DR.
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Emotional Eating: Part 1

In the first of a two-parter, the boys get into some of the emotional and holiday eating pitfalls they've encountered as well as the inadvisability of...
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Forty-one & Husky

In the inaugural episode of Cheat Day, Alex and Gabe introduce themselves, their process and their reasons for the journey ahead. Also, Gabe has a roa...
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