Cheerful Book Club


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Join Ed Miliband, Geoff Lloyd and friends for a conversation about the biggest ideas in non-fiction books.

Elizabeth Day: How to Fail

Season 1 of Cheerful Book Club is over… But don’t worry, we’re bringing you our original pilot episodes for those who missed out. Here Ed speaks to El...
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Emily Oster: Cribsheet

Special guest co-host Sarah O’Connor joins us for this conversation with economist Emily Oster. Emily chats about Cribsheet’ - her data-driven guide t...
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Bill McKibben: Falter

We’re talking to veteran climate activist and founding father of the fossil fuel divestment movement Bill McKibben about his book, ’Falter: Has the Hu...
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Ian McEwan: Machines Like Me

We’re ripping up the rules and venturing away from non-fiction this week. The wonderful Ian McEwan is here to chat through the themes of his latest no...
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Rachel Maddow: Blowout

This week we’re chatting to American broadcasting royalty Rachel Maddow about her new book, ‘Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the...
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Michael Lewis: The Fifth Risk

Ed’s very excited about this episode! This week we’re speaking to Michael Lewis, author of a tonne of bestsellers including Moneyball, The Big Short a...
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