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The Full Story of the Palace Backpackers Hostel Fire of June 2000 Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

22 - Farewell

Immediately after the fire, the Childers community embraced the backpackers as their own. It made the task of saying goodbye and returning to normalit...
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21 - Family

The fire at the Palace Backpackers Hostel in Childers on June 23, 2000 changed lives forever. It took young men and women way too soon and caused imme...
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20 - Neil

When Neil Griffith and his University friend Nigel decided to pack up their life in late 1999 and head to Australia on the adventure of a lifetime, th...
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19 - Legislation

The Childers fire is considered the worst arson attack in Queensland history. The after effects were far-reaching with local businesses and the touris...
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18 - Memorial

It took just two years and four months for the Palace to be re-opened following a full re-build on the site of the exisiting hostel. There was conside...
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17 - Window

In the months after the fire, Council commenced its plan to restore the Palace and bring about some normality for neighbouring businesses affected by ...
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16 - Guilty

Immediately after they escaped the burning Palace, a number of backpackers reported their suspicions and identified the primary suspect to police. Aut...
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15 - Krueger

The man who lit the Palace Backpackers Hostel was well known to police. He had an extensive criminal history across multiple states and had caused imm...
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14 - Man Hunt

The Childers community and surrounding towns were on edge. They feared for their safety as the man dubbed Australia's most wanted was on the loose for...
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13 - Princess

The burden of a week of intense grief and trauma was weighing heavily on the survivors and the Childers community. The town needed a lift. It came in ...
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