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Making all of your nightmares funny and interesting. We will cover anything and everything of the bizarre, from serial killers to conspiracy theories. If its the dark parts of people's minds, we will talk about it in this comedy/true crime podcast. Support this podcast:

Hiatus Announcement

I really hate to do this but we are going to have to go on a hiatus for a little while. I thought this would be the best way to reach everyone rather ...
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Episode 96: Waco- "Not A Cop"

Hey guys, this week we are talking to you about the siege at Waco involving the Branch Davidians, FBI and ATF. The Brand Davidians were a religious gr...
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Episode 8: Abu Ghraib

This episode we are covering the prolific military prison of Abu Ghraib. A lot of human rights violations and abuse was committed at this prison in th...
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