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Messages from Judah Smith, Lead Pastor at Churchome. For more information, visit us online at

Shake It Off

Life will happen to all of us; we’re all damaged and dependent, but we’re also all destined. Jesus knows who you are, and whether you’ve been disgrace...
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Christianity Is Too Hard

We can complicate connecting with God, but he’s the vine, we are the branches, and our relationship is organic! We were designed to connect with Jesus...
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After the Shaking

After a shaking, it’s tempting to make quick decisions and move fast. But God’s not in a hurry, and he’s going to do more than you could ask or imagin...
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Are You Living a Lie?

It can be temping to hide ourselves and do life alone, but when we’re “walking in the light,” we bring all of ourselves, are the first to tell on ours...
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Fighting Shame

The performance of Jesus set us free from guilt and shame. There is no condemnation in him, and he never wants you to feel ashamed. Let’s look at thre...
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Why Go to God?

God wants us to go to him with anything, but we often don’t because we don’t understand him. He’s not destructive, dependent, or depleted. He’s a good...
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Why Humans Hurry

We hurry through life trying to be our own saviors, but what we truly need is to run to the creator of the universe and cast our cares upon him.
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God Has a Name

God always acts in consistency with his name, and his name functions like a strong tower. Say the name of Jesus and find security, the ability to see ...
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Loving Yourself

Jesus followers are called to love God and love others, and learning to love well starts with loving yourself. Here are three tools for how to get sta...
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