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A collection of recordings from Church of the Brethren conferences, sermons, and other events.

Pent-up Emotion

A lot of emotion is being released as pandemic restrictions are phased out. How many rituals have we missed? How many formal occasions, how many worsh...
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Family Visits

A poem about the poet's experience of a new way of communicating with family during the pandemic. "The experience of this new thing is for me profound...
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Arise and shine

How do roosters related to prophecy? Tom Wagner explains the connection in his Advent article "Arise and shine". Kara Miller plays "In the bleak midwi...
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Speaking Truth to Power, part 10

Barbara Daté ministers to us on this latest episode in the Speaking Truth to Power series. For such a time as this, amid uncertainty, violence, illnes...
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Speaking Truth to Power, part 9

SueZann Bosler's story is hard to listen to, and healing to hear. Learn more through her organization Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing and a ...
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To Be a Tree

Ken Gibble reads his poem "To Be a Tree" from the November 2020 issue of Messenger magazine. Carolyn Strong plays "Sweet Hour of Prayer". 
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Speaking Truth to Power, part 8

Anna Lisa Gross speaks with Carla Gillespie and Carol Lindquist with lectionary scriptures for October 25, 2020. Nancy Miner plays “It is well” on pia...
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Speaking Truth to Power, part 7

Anna Lisa Gross speaks with Lauren Seganos Cohen and Dawn Blackman with lectionary scriptures for October 18, 2020. Nancy Miner plays “My Life Flows O...
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