Coffee and Cake Season 1


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A ridiculous weekly podcast of coffee talk culture where you get to be on the inside of those hilarious coffee shop conversations while we eat (sometimes) fancy cakes. Hostess' with the mostess' Amanda (@caliandcoffee) + Sandra (@sdbeanbar). Rule #1 NO boring people. Rule #2 We don't give a $hit. So you know the guests and topics are good.

26: Who's Your Team?

Throwing back to the first day of summer 2016, Amanda and Sandra are blowing bubbles in a coffee liquor concoction and swapping stories of Magic, Las ...
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Pay And Leave

Welcome 2017 for Amanda and Sandra as they drink DEACF? Wait..what? 49th Parallel Colombia, La Serrania and delicious croissants to boot. Amanda had a...
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Matt's Global Gallivanting

Over the summer Matthew De-La-Rosa went on a global travel mission for 90plus Coffee, but I called it gallivanting. Here is the exclusive scoop on the...
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