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Interviews with improv people, comedians, storytellers and more. This podcast is about: 1. How do you get better? 2. Where do people get stuck and how do they overcome obstacles? 3. How do you make a living?

Tara DeFrancisco Part 2!!!

I already did the amazing bio in our first interview. She's back! Our first interview was so great, and I felt like I had so many more questions, we h...
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Luke Ashlocke - Stand Up Comedian

Luke Ashlocke, who was Luke Francis when I interviewed him, is a super-prolific Scottish comedian. The Glasgow, Scotland native arrived in the United ...
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Jessie Shternshus

Despite having a hard to pronounce name with way too many consonants, Jessie Shternshus is a thoroughly charming go-getter who has created an improv d...
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