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In-depth interviews with the worlds greatest comedians. Live from our studio inside Comedy @ The Carlson in Rochester Ny.

Episode #122 Earl David Reed

Earl David Reed is back for a record-tying appearance on our show! He is a comedian who is known for his crowd work and is sure to be excited to be pe...
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Episode #121 Pablo Francisco

Today’s guest is Comedian, Impressionist & Actor Pablo Francisco! Pablo is a comedy veteran with 2 stand-up albums and 3 one hour specials to his cred...
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Episode #119 Greg Hahn

Today our guest is comedian Greg Hahn! Greg is known as one of the most up-tempo comics in the business and today we discussed the start of his career...
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On The Line with Conrad Thompson

Today’s episode was a little venture in the world of pro wrestling with one of its most esteemed experts, Conrad Thompson. We talked about how he tran...
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On the Line with Earl David Reed

Thank you very much to our friend Earl David Reed for spending some time with us today. We talked about his recent health scare, how much divorce lawy...
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On the Line with Chris Franjola

We were able to catch up with one of our favorite guests today, Chris Franjola! Chris is always a blast to talk to and today was no different. We talk...
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On the Line with Brad Williams

Vinnie checks in with world famous comedian and friend of the show Brad Williams, they discuss what it's like having a newborn baby during a pandemic,...
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On the Line with Chris Alan

We got to catch up with our good friend, Rochester native and very funny comedian, Chris Alan today from his current home in rural Virginia. We talked...
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Stand-Up News 4/17/20

The Stand Up News is back today with our stalwart and slightly moist host, Ross Johnson! We discussed the early history of British sketch comedy, some...
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On the Line with Vickie Barbolak

Today we checked in with of friend and hilarious woman, Vicki Barbolak from her palatial trailer in California! She’s been very busy making and sellin...
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