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Comic Book Tesseract, the only comics netcast that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Join us as we review and preview the world of comics along with other facets of geek-chic culture. Presented by

Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.06.16

Jason reviews Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Batman, Year Zero, Wake, Thumbprint, Joe Hill, Adventures of Superman, Superman Unchained, and the M...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.06.01

Join Jason as he review Green Lantern, Earth 2 Annual, Dream Merchant, Suicide Risk, Half Past Danger, Doomsday.1, the Bounce, Star Trek Into Darkness...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.05.16

This week Jason reviews:The MovementAvatar/Star Wars/ FCBDAphrodite IX FCBDSuperman FCBDFubar FCBDValiant/Masters FCBD12 Reasons to DieSnapshotBatwing...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.04.16

REVIEWSFuryWolverineSnapshotConstantineBedlamAquamanFive Ghosts haunting of Fabian GrayEast of WestAvatar last airbender D&D Forgotten Realms CutterHa...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.04.01

COMIC REVIEWSEast of WestFever RidgeNew AvengersSkull Kickers - explainGuardians of the GalaxySTAR WARS LegacyTime WarpSuperior SpiderNEWSOuyaEA ceo -...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.03.16

Scott "Mother-F%^&ing" Snyder. That is all.NewsReview: The Science of Good CookingDisney XD - Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of SMASHBatman...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.03.01

Comics reviewedLegend of the Shadow ClanThe HollowsG. I. JoeNovaJustice League of AmericaBatmanSuperior Spider-manNews this week:Piperka.netFeatured W...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.02.16

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.Subscribe on Book Tesseract is presented by thecomicbooknerd.comFor more ...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.02.01

Listen to Jason and Justin discuss anthology comics, Star Wars, and find out why you should visit your local library more often.All that and a ton of ...
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Comic Book Tesseract - 2013.01.16

Back in the saddle. Justin and Jason discuss Nowhere Men, the conclusion of Punk Rock Jesus, the Marvel NOW initiative, and where DC has succeeded and...
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