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Join hosts Jacob and Travis as they talk all things pop culture and fun! Great time guaranteed or your money back!

An Elf and a Duck Walk Into a Bar

Boy this episode's a different kind of one. But in a good way! Join your hosts Jacob and Travis as they begin a new recurring segment of the show and ...
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Comic Book Video Game Talk!

Hey there beautiful people, it's ya boys. This week we are talking the best (and worst) comic book video games, and boy howdy is it a good listen. hop...
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Disney+ MCU Shows

Hello! This week Travis and I talk the upcoming Marvel TV shows which will premiere on Disney+, the new streaming service from the greatest monopoly e...
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Talkin' bout bird boy!!!

Greetings trusty sidekicks!!! Today we talk about everyones favorite comic book sidekick, ROBIN!!!! It's a great conversation, and we hope you enjoy!!...
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