Confessions of a Stay at Home Dad


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Former television producer in Seattle and New York I made a decision with my wife to stay at home and raise our son. It's not what I was EVER expecting but the moments and experiences have been priceless for all of us. I decided to share some of them with all of you. Life is definitely not a trip, it's a journey and I have sooo much to learn!

Summer Wind

Sinatra has always been one of the greatest voices and performers of all time. It just feels natural to sing his songs. Always a fan!!!!
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I've always loved Bobby Darin's version of Clementine. Thought I'd give it a shot to pay my respects.
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Why am I lifting pink weights?

When you look at the scale and say oh shit, look in the mirror. Then you see why "Oh Shit" doesn't begin to cover it. It's time to uncover what use to...
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Side effects of marriage

Should we list all the side effects of marriage to make sure people know what they're getting into? Imagine a commercial on marriage telling you how w...
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How to fold a thong

As a stay at home dad I've tried to do more to help my wife and family around the house but sometimes things just don't make sense. Folding a thong is...
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Seasons Change NOT Men

Why can't married women just accept the man they married. Once you say I do she feels the need to begin morphing her man into who she want's him to be...
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I need a title

When I tell people I'm a stay at home dad they have no idea what to say. They don't want to offend but why would any Man want to stay home and raise h...
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