Convergent Trading

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Convergent Trading interviews with traders, investors, money managers and everything else in between.

Building an Edge in a New Product

Traders must evolve with the market and this includes having to diversify the product/instrument that we trade. Our focus during this session: Do we n...
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AMA on Making The Turn in Trading

Convergent Trading opens this session up to all traders interested in a discussion about "making the turn". We go over the common experience of a trad...
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What does it take to Trade Right?

During this session, we will go over the steps that traders must plan for to "Trade Right". The discussion covers the soup-to-nuts program for formula...
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Public Q&A on Repos w/Jeff Snider

On Tuesday, March 28,  we held a special follow up Q&A to the extremely popular webinar on the repo markets with Jeff Snider, Head of Global Research ...
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