Create Your Destiny Podcast


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You may be wondering… how do I start my own online business? Can I really quit my 9-5 job and travel the world? How do I successfully create my brand identity and website layout? How do I convert my website visitors into paying clients? How can I get my traffic to my website? How do I stand out in a saturated market? How do I brand myself on social media? Okay… enough with the business talk. Life is about more than work people! Welcome to the Create Your Destiny Podcast where your host Kristin Kembel will be answering all of these brand strategy and marketing questions, but also the personal stuff too! Like how to finally start taking action in your life, and how to take charge of your own feelings and thoughts. Think of it like a fun life and career cocktail - where business hacks and insights meet mindset work and life coaching. It’s time to start dreaming big and then putting in the work to make it a reality. Let’s start creating your own dream destiny now. Kristin Kembel is also the owner of Girlboss Designer, a branding and website design business serving women entrepreneurs. To learn more visit