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Professional Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter talks with guests about all things weddings, photography, and business.

Episode Seven with Dylan Howell

On this episode I talk with the SEO expert himself: Dylan Howell Where you can find him: Instagram: Website: h...
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Episode Six with Zach marion

We actually recorded this episode back in December and I wanted to wait to release it until I had time to record some more episodes. You can find Zach...
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Episode Five - Nick Edmundson

My most awkward episode yet, but I have a nice conversation with Nick about his wedding blog, Wandering Weddings.  Where you can find him: Instagram: ...
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Episode Four with Alexander Lefler

“If everyone is zigging I try to zag” “I try to bend reality throughout the whole day” A little inspiration, industry and instagram talk with Alexande...
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Episode Three with Twyla Jones

“You do a lot less selling and a lot more serving” It’s the third episode and I have Twyla Jones on talking about all thinks marketing, social media, ...
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Episode One with Stephanie Zakas

“You don’t want to do something that will impact the environment after you leave” On the first episode of the Creative Wedding Podcast I talk to Steph...
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