Cut To - A podcast on World Cinema

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Just 2 guys tripping over cinema from across the world. Get movie suggestions, find out some interesting trivia and just listen to them ramble about a new movie every episode.

Ep 25: In the Heights - USA

A Lin-Manuel Miranda musical about the vibrant south american community in Washington Heights. Get a glimpse of their dreams, their aspirations as the...
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Ep 24: Chumbak - India

When a teenager robs an autistic man, begins a cat and mouse game between them. As the teenager is faced with a tough choice, an unlikely friendship b...
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Ep 22: Wild Tales - Argentina

An anthology of 6 deliciously wicked short stories. Every story a little more bizzare than the other, where each character act on their basest of impu...
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Ep 21: Heroic Losers - Argentina

When recession hits a group of people who lose all the money they had collected to start a business and they find out that a local goon has looted the...
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Ep 18: Tel Aviv on fire - Israel

A Palestinian Israeli assistant director working on a Palestinian soap opera is given a chance to write it and he takes the help of an Israeli offi...

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Ep 17: Anbe Sivam

2 guys are stuck with each other due to a natural calamity. While their backgrounds, their personalities seem to be poles apart, they are tied toge...

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