Dads and Confused


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Join Ryan and John as they discuss the unpredictable journey of being new, 30-year-old first-time dads. Each week, they tackle a different subject relating to fatherhood - the good, the bad, the funny, the loud, and the smelly. Questions, comments, and topic ideas are always welcome; just email us at Thanks for listening!

Episode 12: The New Arrival

This is a very special episode because John is still riding the high of welcoming his new baby girl to the world, which happened just a few days befor...
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Episode 10: We're Back!

Uhh...sorry for disappearing for a while there! You know how it is. But we're happy to be back. This week the dads catch up a bit about what's been go...
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Episode 7: Social Media

This week Ryan and John discuss the major role social media plays in raising kids in today’s world. Topics include: facebook posting etiquette (don’t ...
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