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From the group that brought you Night Terrors comes Five Minute Fears. We've taken horror and suspense and brought it to you in bite sized chunks. Want to enjoy a chiller, thriller or a killer, but don't have the time for a half hour show, then enjoy our series of mini shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat right from the beginning. We present, for an audio snack, a series of 3 to 7 minute plays in the horror and suspense genres.

Lucky Guy

Five Minute Fears Season 2 Episode 1 - Lucky Guy (2:49, 2.69 MB mp3, released 2011.01.01) Written by Paul Mannering Featuring: Dennis Cornelison as Sa...
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Hallowed Ground

Listen: Hallowed Ground(5:00, 4.6 MB mp3, released 2006.12.23)Written by Amanda FitzwaterFeaturing:Perry Whittle as PaulJoan Hall Hovey as StephShire ...
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The Grave

Listen: The Grave(6:41, 6.2 MB mp3, released 2006.12.23)Written by Miles Reid and Reanna KingFeaturing:Elie Hirschman as The DiggerMark Bruzee as The ...
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The Codger's Tale

The Codger's Tale(5:48, 5.4 MB mp3, released 2006.10.31)Written by Paul ManneringEmilie Leadley was TinaMatt McLaren was BoydJosh DeLioncourt was The ...
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Every Step of the Way

Every Step of the Way(4:18, 4 MB mp3, released 2006.10.31)Written by Miles ReidFeaturing the voice talents of Elie Hirschman as David and The Voice.Th...
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Five Minute Fears #6: McMeat(4:38, 4.4 MB mp3, released 2006.10.03)Written by Miles ReidFeatured in the cast are:Elie Hirschman was The JesterAlex Dav...
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Black Angels

Five Minute Fears #5: Black Angels(6:06, 5.8 MB mp3, released 2006.09.24)Written by Robert TinsleyFeaturing:Miles Reid as PaulAmanda FitzWater as Mary...
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Ring Ring

Five Minute Fears #4: Ring Ring(5:43, 6.6 MB mp3, released 2006.09.24)Written by Charles E. Pratt, Jr.Featuring:Kyle Snyder as ChrissyEmilie Leadley a...
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Five Minute Fears #2: Tow-Truck(5:58, 6.7 MB mp3, released 2006.08.09)Written by Charles E. Pratt Jr.Featuring: Jim Barbour as Tow-Truck Elie Hirschma...
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Are You Watching Me?

Five Minute Fears #3: Are You Watching Me?(5:15, 4 MB mp3, released 2006.08.12)Written by Miles ReidFeaturing:Steve Anderson as The Manand Miles Reid ...
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