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E330 - To The Wayback Machine

As you remember from last episode, Dave will be spotlighting some of his favorite interviews from the past 6 years of podcasts. In this week Dave go b...
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E329 - Tell Their Story

In this delayed episode, Dave talks about the recent loss of three figures. Two of which played a part in his youth. And one is of a recent actor that...
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E328- Great Movie Soundtracks

This week Dave is back to talk about movies that have iconic soundtracks. He found a list that was published in 2018 on Vulture. And he agrees with th...
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327 - Books and Plays to Movies

This week Dave is back to talk about films that you might not have known that they were actually plays or books before. Some of these movies are Acade...
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E326 - Sandman

This week Dave is back to talk about an audiobook he just recently finished, that got its start as a comic book. He means the Neil Gaiman classic The ...
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E325 - Movie Musicals

This week Dave is back to talk about musicals that have been adapted to be movie musicals. Now traditionally movie musicals will either be adaptations...
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E324 - Peace Talks Review

This week Dave is back to talk about everything that is Jim Butcher’s 16th Dresden Files book ‘Peace Talks’. This episode fall under the SPOILER ALERT...
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E323 - Mid-Summer Nerdly News

This week Dave is back with a episode that is later than he expected. But is out none-the-less. He is back to talk about some of the nerdy news storie...
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E322 - Talk Less...Smile More

This week Dave is talking about the two things that happened this past weekend. The first is the United States celebrated it’s 244th Independence Day....
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E321 - Pokemon Update

This week Dave talking about the two different Pokemon Presents that happened on the 17th and the 24th. He gives you a quick rundown of what all the I...
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