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A couple of Walking Dead fans...we talk about Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Comics, as well as Preacher Show. New episodes every Wednesday.

33 - TWD - S8 - Time For After

In this episode we talk about Rick's hot box, the sculpture in his honor... how Daryl pissed Rick off. Would Rick Kill Eugene? Who is in our "DEAD LIS...
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31 - TWD - S8 - Some Guy

In this episode we talk Ezequiel and his struggle to remain king (in his mind). We call out all the BS moments of the episode, and we say goodbye to a...
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30 - TWD - S8 - Monsters

We talk about episode 3 of The Walking Dead Season 8, titled Monsters. We go over Morales' faith. Rick and Daryl's bromance and the new baby in town. ...
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29 - TWD - S8 - The Damned

This is episode 29, NOT 28, of the the DeadChatt Podcast. We talk about episode 2 of Season 8 of The Walking Dead. How is Shane different from Rick? W...
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28 - FTWD - S3 - 100

This episode was recorded in our car, we talk about how bad ass Daniel is. The mayor of Tijuana and who shot the helicopter. #WhereisOfelia?
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27 - FTWD - S3 - Teotwawki

In this episode we talk bible studies, Strand's adventures... Madison's plans, and Nick's crazy way to make friends. Follow us on twitter @deadchattSu...
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25 - TWD - S7 - Bury Me Here

We are back after a 3 month break to review and break down Season 7, Episode 13, Bury Me Here of The Walking Dead.... Will Morgan go back to his crazy...
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24 - TWD - S7 - Sing Me A Song

In this episode we quickly go over episodes 5 and 6 of The Walking Dead Season 7; just to add some background into episode 7, Sing Me a Song. We analy...
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