Dear Creativity...Let's Play


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Are you ready to reconnect with your creativity? This is the podcast for you if you want to spend time playing with what lights you up and creating but aren’t sure where to start or need support in continuing down the creative path. Everyone is innately creative, and life can be so much more fun and joyful when we heed that call to connect with our creativity and begin creating. As a creativity coach, writer and quilter, Amy talks about her own creative life and process as well as hosting interviews with guests about all things creativity: the process, blocks and challenges, creative thinking, creativity as play, and sharing your creative gifts with the world.

Should You Outline Your Novel?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this solo episode:why I think planning and outlining is important,what you should include in your plan, andwhy creating a ...
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70: How to Read like a Writer

Here’s what you’ll learn in this solo episode:a simple process for choosing books to read and the steps to take to read like a writeran example that w...
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