Delusions of Grandeur


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Pretentious host John David Wynne bumbles his way through this podcast about creativity, film, music, and art. 

Ain't Got COVID Yet

Well, unlike many of my fellow Americans, I've been lucky enough to not have been dying over the past few months. I was just having myself a think. 
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One More For The Road

Bound for New Liberty, not-quite-as-delusional-as-he-once-was host John Wynne says goodbye to the Land of Delusion.
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Jack Came Back

A cat ran up a tree and somehow it has something to do with host John Wynne leaving Los Angeles. 
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Paint Like The Beatles

Smacking his shameless lips, host John Wynne whispers delicious rhythms on your luscious ear drums about... it doesn't really matter as long as you ge...
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Alive From New Liberty

Atheist host John D. Wynne tries to wrap his mind around the artistic prophesy that beckoned him to New Liberty at the Dawn of the Next World. 
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Welcome to the Next World

In his latest dispatch from the end of the world, host John D. Wynne finds himself wondering if anyone wants to share their precious, precious resourc...
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