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Hey everybody and welcome to the "Design Conversations"!I'm Paul Axente, your host, a UX Designer raised in the heart of Transylvania and living in Cluj-Napoca. This is my podcast, a place where I'm talking about the things I'm passionate about...having great conversations with interesting people from the industry.Over the years, I had the privilege of working with companies such as The Telegraph, Carfax, CardConnect just to name a few.Founder of UX City, a meetup group where UX designers, developers, QAs, everyone can sit down and share war stories and help reshape the UX Community in Cluj-Napoca.Currently — Head of User Experience & Design at Yopeso.Enjoy the show!

How to start your career in UX

In this episode, I sit in with Mircea Botez, Head of UX at Bitdefender, UX Mentor, and a good friend. We're talking about a highly requested topic "Ho...
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Gaming User Interfaces

We live in a fast-moving age, where games are usually shipped in a good enough state (according to developers) and a mediocre state according to custo...
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Hello everybody and welcome to the Designers Conversations my name is Paul and I'm your host and crazy designer. This is my podcast where I talk about...
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