Diaries of a Hot Mess

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We're just figuring stuff out and trying to make it through the work week... everyone's a hot mess

Welcome to the Red Zone

We're back together, back in lockdown. Talking all about schitts creek and what we've been up to these last 2 weeks!
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Drunk in the Q askin Q

It's Bea's birthday bitches! Grab a glass of vino with us while we get drunk and ask eachother 25 questions
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Feline Aids

Come have a drink with us while we tell you all the dirty deets on cat shit, broad city and rosters. 
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Splenda Mammas season 2

We're back baby!! Single in the city with your fav hot messes. We're recapping what we've been up to over the past seven months we've been gone
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The Finale

The final episode of season 1! We're talking all about or work weeks, reliving all our past best parties and plans for the future
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The One with Grace & Frankie

Special Saturday night episode cohosted with Rachel Giulione. We're talking all things Kardashian, goop, hair care traps, and the new season of Grace ...
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The One When it's 2020

We're talking Harry and Megan fleeing to Canada, WORLD WAR 3, the war on plastic, and all our updates from the break 
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