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Discover With Sbenati is a podcast that unlocks the hidden and not-so-hidden talents of those in our community. Whether it be in London Ontario, Toronto Ontario, or anywhere else in the world. Providing insights and inspiration on how each person achieved what they have achieved, what motivates them, what keeps them going during dark times, and what secrets they have that can help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Soulful Riots

We can’t help but trace back to when Ali The Soulful Poet talked us through his challenges coming up in his life. Today we all face challenges. We are...
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Respecting Father Time

In this episode we take a look back at a few gems that were scattered around the Nick Frenetta Podcast. Nick made his first million recently and he cr...
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Rhinoplasty & The Recovery Stages

Dr. Michael Roskies is a board-certified, double fellowship trained, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and was brought on by Dr. Mulholland a...
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A Voice For All

Ali Al Hussaini, “TheSoulFulPoet”, is an artist that can be a voice for everyone. No matter what faith, ethnicity, age, race or gender, TheSoulfulPoet...
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Dreams & Sacrifice

Toronto artist Aamir is an anomaly in the world of R&B - he writes, produces, mixes, and masters his own music. Known for his dramatic productions and...
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A Comedian Can Dream

Chemical engineer by day, comedian by night, Abid Jay is the epitome of hard work and persistence. What’s harder than math? making people laugh, abid ...
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Words of Wisdom From a Wordsmith

His writing journey began when he was only 7 years old, re-creating well-known fairy tales and giving them a new ending. From there, TheSoulfulPoet we...
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The Arabic Ratchetness

Abdulla Jasim is an Arab American stand up comedian who realized his dream and is quickly bringing it into fruition. He's also a chemical engineer and...
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