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My new podcast is finally live. It is all about a shy introverted, too nice depressed confused about life girl, finding herself in the mist of it all. By discovering ME!!!

Self Esteemed

Here’s an episode on my new discovery of "Self Esteem". It  difference in me now than before. Tune in now!

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FeArS 01

Tells talk about fears, my fears, your fears, our fears. Why do i get Deja Vu. Yo como, tu come, el comes :) spanish. A lil bit of letting ourselves o...
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Selling and Buying s02

Here’s an episode, this is on the selling power we have - i have - also a little bit about wickedness. Tune in now!

IG - ...
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The new "I don't know me" S02Ep01

Manifesting patience, loving my progress. This is a new dispensation and also a new season. The season of the happier me. Listen to be inspired, learn...
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December Me January Me

Hiiiiiiii It a New Year! Welcome back to Discovering Me.
December/January came differently.
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Fears et Stand stills

This episode is about the fight to move on after being stuck. Listen to me talk about my situation. Tune in now and enjoy!
I love you

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Meet the Love of My Life

I have been in Love with this guy for quite a while now, it is high time my friends met him.
   Please Note :- although it might be complicated b...
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I call it a Shutdown

I don't know what you call it but i call it a shutdown. Now the question is what are we calling ;)

IG - discoveringmebybusolami...
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An outing/Workout experience

If you go out often how are the experiences for you? If you work out is it easy?

Here’s an episode that will keep you waiting for the next ...
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