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Episode 12: Closing

How do we go a step above fair housing regulations and promote inclusiveness for everyone? Special guest, Keith Nitsch makes an appearance! DominatorT...
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Episode 11: Understanding Portals

The future, more like the now, of real estate lies in third party sites like Zillow and Watch this episode for more details. DominatorTV...
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Episode 10: Closing

This is it! We have finally made it to the last step of the buying process and the beginning of your journey as a property owner! Stay tuned for detai...
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Episode 9: Final Walk-Throughs

Before we close, we need to wrap one more pretty bow around your property and verify that the condition is still what you expected. DominatorTV: The “...
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Episode 8: Decoding the Appraisal

We are going to dissect an appraisal and figure out what it means for your property and for your financing. DominatorTV: The “No B.S.” guide to modern...
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