Drinking With Friends


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What happens when you mix three guys, some beer, and some amazing conversation? Yeah. You get the Drinking With Friends Podcast. Listen along as the boys drink and talk about anything and everything.

Breast milk?

Episode 48 | HOT TAKE! breast milk, would you taste it? We try and figure out what super powers king Kong has to take down Godzilla. then we start to ...
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SPOILER ALERT!! 2020 never ended!

Episode 46 | 2021 starts off with a bang and we discuss how 2020 hasn't really ended. we talk about some messed up movies and provide many spoiler ale...
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A New Year!!

Join us as we kick off the new year with Tim's weekly bowling update. Dom gives you words of encouragement to follow your dreams. And Elon Musk saves ...
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Its finally here, the end to 2020

after a short break we're back and we wrap up 2020 with some jokes and a list of things you probably forgot about. here's to 2021, we can only go up f...
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It's the 1st of Christmas

Episode 42 | We're almost out of 2020, join us to ponder interior design, Mike Tyson,  and Tim's Confusing copyright ban.
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