Dude Hollywood Story

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Dude Hollywood Story is a weekly entertainment and celebrity gossip podcast hosted by two guys who couldn't care less about entertainment news or gossip.Bangarangradio.comDHS2015

Dude Hollywood Story Episode 6

This week Evan and Tim discuss celebrity couple names, the return of Honey Boo Boo, and generally offend everyone possible. Enjoy! Bangarangradio.com ...
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Dude Hollywood Story Episode 5

Tim welcomes a very special guest to the episode when Chris from 2 Guys in a Bar joins him to discuss their kinks, Xzibit's scams, and the health cris...
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Dude Hollywood Story Episode 3

This week we discuss a great Full House crossover, Kanye the Babysitter, and a surefire way to have a stroke! Enjoy! BangarangRadio.com DHS2015
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Dude Hollywood Story Episode 2

We discuss ABC Family's name change, Kardashians as always, and the CRAZIEST $h!t Evan has ever heard! Enjoy! Bangarangradio.com  DHS2015
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Dude Hollywood Story Episode 1

We discuss how much of a hero Caitlyn Jenner is, Kanye's run for president, some Reality TV "Stars" we've never heard of, and a lot more! Enjoy! Banga...
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Dude Hollywood Story Preview

This is a preview for the upcoming show to be released the first week in October. Subscribe now so you don't miss any of the fun! Bangarangradio.com D...
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