Dungeons and Daddies

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A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast.

Ep. 68 - I'm Going Home

Part one of the two-part finale. The dads execute their plan as the final battle ensues.This episode contains violence, profanity, sexual content, and...
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Ep. 67 - Mortal Wombat

The dads pay their respects and skirmish with enemy forces as the final pieces of their plan fall into place.This episode contains profanity, violence...
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Ep. 66 - Fender Glennder

The dads prepare their sons for the fight and have a heart to heart with Glenn.This episode contains profanity, sexual content, references to alcohol,...
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Ep. 65 - Frank Conversations

The dads pool their resources and big brain energy together to form their final plan of attack.This episode contains profanity, violence, sexual conte...
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Ep. 64 - Mechanics and Heat 101

The dads come up with a plan to deal with Willie.This episode contains profanity and sexual content.Support the show on Patreon!Get merch and more at ...
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Ep. 63 - Meet the Parents

The dads begin the process of recruiting allies from all across the land for their final battle.This episode contains profanity, violence, alcohol use...
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Ep. 62 - Sonscreen

With all the anchors in hand, the dads plan their next move.This episode contains profanity, violence, alcohol use, and sexual content.Support the sho...
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Ep. 61 - Death of a Salesman

The dads dig deep into Ron's mind to retrieve his anchor.This episode contains profanity, violence, sexual content, emotional abuse, violence towards ...
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