Eating Matters


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Food has emerged as a critical policy area – and it raises big questions about health, labor, sustainability and our collective future. Join host Jenna Liut for conversations with food policy experts and leaders about the issues that shape our everyday experiences of buying, cooking and eating food.

The Facts: Food & GHG Emissions

We hear about greenhouse gas emissions and their consequences all the time, but who’s measuring those emissions? How can countries use that data to de...
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Food & Fertility

How does nutrition impact your ability to conceive? What are key nutrients and vitamins and their recommended food sources for boosting both women AND...
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Mercy for Animals

Host Jenna Liut is joined by Leah Garcés, President of Mercy for Animals (MFA), an organization working to construct a compassionate food system and e...
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The Monsanto Papers

Host Jenna Liut welcomes the award-winning investigative journalist, Carey Gillam, back to show to discuss her new book, The Monsanto Papers: Deadly S...
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Perilous Bounty

We know that U.S. industrial agriculture has had monumental effects on our climate, but how has climate change reciprocally impacted our agricultural ...
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Matriark Foods

The US is a global leader of food waste, generating about 40 MILLION tons annually, which represents between 30 - 40% of the food supply. Within this ...
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Ending Domestic Hunger

The fight to eliminate hunger entails measures that go well beyond food banks, soup kitchens, and SNAP benefits. Prior to Biden’s inauguration and the...
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Farmers for Trump

Longtime food and agriculture policy reporter, Chuck Abbott, helps us to understand our nation’s “farmer voting bloc” and its loyalty to Trump through...
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Native Foods with Chef Nephi Craig

Following up on our previous episode featuring Sanjay Rawal, director of the newly-released film, Gather, host Jenna Liut interviews a central charact...
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Ever wonder why we don’t eat Bison meat in this country? This is a little known - but extremely important - part of American history that perfectly de...
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