Elevated Pursuit

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Elevate your life here. The "Elevated Pursuit" podcast hosted by high school athlete and motivator Dane Wissenbach, is aimed to help you improve your life, reach your potential, and live a fulfilling life while having a positive impact in the world. Whether you want to build better habits, discover yourself more fully, or just want to improve your life, this podcast will help you make those changes. Bringing you insights from conversations with successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals. Work hard, dream big, and turn your visions into reality.

Love vs. Hate

I talk about a recent experience..! - Some key takeaways: 1. What you put out comes back. 2. People who hate and tear down often to so because of thei...
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Welcome back family. On episode #5 we do an Instagram Q&A and we talk about some really good questions. We talk about some deeper life related questio...
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Just Decide

Welcome back! Today on episode #4 I talk about how to achieve what you want in life. We all have new things we want to do, "new land" that we want to ...
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Your Mindset & What You Attract

Welcome back to the Elevated Pursuit Podcast. This is an episode you’re not going to want to miss. The power of your mindset and the power of being gr...
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Taking Ownership

Welcome back to the Elevated Pursuit Podcast! In this episode, I talk all about taking ownership of your life. You will find lots of value in this epi...
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The Power of Now & Living Present

Welcome to the Elevated Pursuit Podcast! In this episode I talk about the power of living present and share personal experiences about this topic. - K...
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