Ella’s reality check


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Ella’s reality check is about my crazy and funny stories. I talk about embarrassing stories and make fun of myself through it all. I’ll give advice and what I’ve learned. Listen every Tuesday and Thursday!

My Florida Trip

In this episode I talk about going to Florida with my boyfriend and his family. All the things we did and my fear of flying. --- This episode is spons...
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My Horoscope

In this episode I look up my horoscope and let it tell me what going on in the future.
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Crushes Throughout My Life

Ever since I was a little kid I always loved boys. I’m this podcast I talk about the different types of boyfriends in my life. All my heart breaks and...
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Chucky Cheese Scared Me

The phobia of mascots, how mean the costumes look and how much of a wuss I am. I hate being scared because I'm a princess.  --- This episode is sponso...
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