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Love, lust, and music! Come join and share in the nonsensical intelligence of two ignorantly intelligent love birds. Episodes release every Wednesday! Season 2 is out NOW! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/entangled-podcast/support

S2E33 - Computer Love

Everything at this point is just a long distance relationship. Also, if you haven't heard Computer Love by Zapp & Roger then you're missing out. Be su...
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S2E32 - 100 Uses for Coconut Oil

Look at you! Yea you! You're probably sitting on the couch, wasting time and playing on your phone. You could use that phone to make a call to better ...
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S2E31 - Hoerona Virus pt. 1

Live from our living room its Entangled Podcast! Still cooking up insight and ignorance for you while you're quarantined on your couch. If you missed ...
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S2E28 - It's Been Quite a Year

Woody's son is Jamaican, the Princess and Prince are leaving England to go rule Zamunda and half the Democratic Presidential Candidates are too broke ...
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